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This years FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 16. To have inside the soccer spirit, we’re counting down the highest quality 10 Players to think about. From Lionel Messi to Wayne Rooney to Cristiano Ronaldo, tell us if we’ve missed anyone you imagine must have made the cut!

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For Ibrahimovich, it is far more than pleasantly surprised playing as the support-striker. His goals, any kind of shirt, have brought targeted traffic to their feet with mouths wide offered. He shoots with incredible power, scoring from cristiano ronaldo shoes unimaginable angles and with spectacular dependability. His dribbling goes against all reason. For a striker who’s 6’4″, twisting and turning end up being difficult – or so physics asks!

The most evident confusion around all this voting for the FIFPro World XI 2011 is castro of Man utd defender Rio Ferdinand. Seriously? Ferdinand managed just 19 Premier League appearances last season for his club and just four international appearances, without goals with assists. Alright, that’s not his job, but was he really so brilliant in very few games to warrant a nomination?

Ibrahimovich did, what he did in 2009-10, with Pedro on one hand. Imagine the havoc he will probably wreak when Pedro is replaced by Villa! Like we, at Cleat Beat, like to say, “it ain’t ‘magic’ until its ‘Ibrahi-magic'”! Not cool enough, but perform!!!